Rhino Wars Final

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The Rhino Wars was a collaboration between Alexandra Coym and Vanessa Joho for the class ‘Connected Documentary’ at NYU’s ITP program. The Rhino Wars is an interactive documentary, designed to raise awareness for the increased poaching of rhinos in South Africa.

Here is the link to our code on github: https://github.com/arcoym/ConnectedDocumentary

And the live version of the page can be seen here: http://vanessajoho.com/RhinoWars/
There is a lot we learned in the process of creating this connected documentary. In retrospective we realized how important it is to have your story and vision set before initializing the project. We thought we did, but ended up changing so much throughout the production of the content that at the end we weren’t even sure ourselves where we were headed. Another important thing we learned was to categorize the ‘tech’ part of the project into things that were absolutely necessary and things that would be nice-to-have, just to better be able to plan time accordingly. Seven weeks was not a lot of time to produce a connected documentary, but we’re happy with the outcome and what we learned.

The next version (or documentary) can come! :-)

That’s Bananas!

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That’s Bananas! is a collaboration between Bruna Calheiros, Hanna Kang-Brown, and Zena Koo, graduate students of NYU’s ITP program. This project was developed for the class Connected Documentary.


View our source code here on github.

We created a Tumblr with snippets of our inspiration and research for this project.

This collaboration was very much a learn-as-you-go type of project, which gave each of us a challenging role to play. We certainly learned a lot about the banana’s wide scope of influence on society, culture, politics, agriculture, and history. It is our hope that this documentary will make people stop and appreciate the food, and to create a dialogue about the food’s future role in society, and perhaps even about a cure to its imminent plight.


“Heiss on Ives” and “The Marin Headlands in Fog”

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Hey Ben and classmates: thanks for a stimulating semester! Here are my docs.

Artists on Art: John Heiss on Charles Ives
Hosted: http://beyondthenotes.org/heiss-ives/
Github: https://github.com/nellshawcohen/heiss-ives

The Marin Headlands in Fog
Hosted: http://beyondthenotes.org/marin-headlands/
Github: https://github.com/nellshawcohen/Marin-Headlands

Currently brainstorming a next (larger) project on John Muir and Yosemite…


The working prototype and experience: In the Name of Honor#India

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John Heiss on Charles Ives: Alpha

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Here’s my Git repo,

And here’s the site online.

The main things I need to do from here on out:

- Focus on styling and layout (eliminating white space, maximizing screen space, and generally making things pretty)

- Figure out how to add fade-in transitions to *all* divs.

- Add a few more audio embeds to enhance the experience.

- Possibly also add custom controls to YouTube embeds and embeds.