community of liars: progress post

February 23rd, 2012 by roopa Leave a reply »

proposal and initial pitch idea is located here.

after pitching our ideas in class last week, arielle and i decided to team up and work together. we met briefly afterwards to discuss UX ideas and thoughts about what the site should look like. i mocked up some ideas in illustrator — images below:

the opening screen — users will get a different opening video based on what they click.


the interview page — users can select interviews to view.


chatroulette/facetracking page.

arielle then did a more detailed mockup of the home page:

we need to sit down and iron out the details of implementing the site.  i also have reached out to a few sources about potential interviews, and am making a poll to send out to the ITP student body and my own contacts to find people who want to be interviewed for this project.  i put out a craigslist ad calling for stories but have surprisingly gotten no responses as yet, so i think we need to brainstorm a lot more about effective ways to find people who are willing to talk about this stuff on camera.


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